About LEAB Group

LEAB Group currently has four factories, three in Sweden and one in Estonia, from where we supply electronics products and services to customers all over the world.

Quality and environment

LEAB Group works in accordance with a number of policies, quality certifications and philosophies with regard to quality and the environment. The purpose of all our efforts, of course, is to become an even better supplier. Our Lean on Leab initiative is an internal process that describes our continuous improvement work. Through these efforts, we want to achieve an efficient process in which we set high goals for being a leading supplier and acting as a role model as a co-creation organisation.

Lean on Leab, swedish (PDF)

Our management system is process-oriented and built on a very modern and user-friendly platform for handling documents and cases. The management system governs business-critical processes and supports daily improvement work. In order to meet our customers’ unique requirements, our production and management systems are certified in accordance with a number of different industry standards. All factories have complete ESD protection covering floors, workplaces, load carriers, tools, etc. LEAB Group’s machinery has long been adapted to soldering using lead-free solder.

A large proportion of the products that we manufacture are used in demanding environments. As a result, we use various chemicals in our manufacturing process, e.g. detergents, protective paints and moulding compounds, in order to ensure the products meet the requirements for environmental durability. Using these chemicals without any impact on health and the environment is a matter of course for us. LEAB Group has therefore invested in modern equipment and premises for efficient, controlled and safe handling of chemicals.

LEAB Group is a subsidiary of Lifco AB and complies with the Group’s Code of Conduct. Read more at lifco.se/about-lifco/code-of-conduct.

Anonymous reporting on serious deviations from our Code of Conduct: https://report.whistleb.com/lifco

Quality certification

LEAB Group is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IRIS. These relate to electronics manufacturing and the development of electronics for medical equipment. Download our certificates below to find out more.

9001 certificate Lövånger Elektronik AB (PDF)
14001 certificate Lövånger Elektronik AB (PDF)
IRIS certificate Lövånger Elektronik AB (PDF)

9001 certificate LEAB Uppsala (PDF)
14001 certificate LEAB Uppsala (PDF)

9001/14001 certificate LEAB Eesti OÜ (PDF)

Certificate 9001_14001 LEAB Fagersta AB eng

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